Lighten Up

I am a creative. 
For most who are reading you probably hear creative and think I dance around and analyze stars while growing fully organic vegetables and raise my own goats…nope.
I am a daughter of a saddle/bit and spur maker and I grew up in the western lifestyle. Something about the western mindset might see calling myself a creative strange, but I embrace it because is not fabricating a buckle, out of what, a flat piece of silver, creating? So there you go, I am a 22 year old silversmith/engraver boss. 
The name of this blog comes from my name Nevada Watt(what?) get it…if you don’t go back read it again (and maybe put on your glasses), I have faith in your intellect and sense of humor. Anyhow, I was raised by the best people in the world and they taught me that it's ok, no- rather, it's totally acceptable to push the boundaries of traditions and find new ways to breathe life into them. Following are just a few thoughts that bounce around in this blonde's head, maybe you’ll find these thoughts have entered your mind too. 
I heard about this book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert from a completely amazing podcast, Being Boss (, so I picked it up and heck ya it's really opened my mind to some thoughts. All I have to say is drive to your nearest seller of trees with words on them and buy it! 
Guilty, guilty I am of battering myself and overanalyzing every piece of my work, constantly striving for perfection while not praising myself when I do do something grand. I am not alone in having treated my work as my baby, my sweat, tears, and blood…yikes! Have you ever stopped to think about how weird that sounds? Hear I am working away in my shop building a silver buckle and am so caught up in every minute detail, worrying about the outcome like I believe the world is revolving around its' completion.
Just a little test if you don’t believe me: I bet if I completely ruined the piece or if the piece never was in existence the world would continue spinning in its natural orbit completely unaware of my troubles, that seem so huge. About a year ago I was building a silver espresso cup and having hell, excuse my French! The solder joints just wouldn’t play nice, the angles had to be so technical for my very untechnical mind and I will be honest I really didn’t love the process!
I cried, a lot.
Yep...big, hot tears.
Finally, with the help of many friends it was completed. Guess what, from the moment it was done I really didn’t think about it again. It just seemed to go away and I moved on to the next project. This begs the question, "Why do I make myself into a martyr? Why do I act as though I am enslaved to the work and must go about in an unjoyful way?"
It's sort of insane, right!
But I believe a lot of makers in the western industry treat their work this way. Let's make a change, shall we?!
Let's think positivity over the work and truly believe it loves us back (go ahead and judge me for saying that if you want, but try it). 
Another mind provoking tidbit from Gilbert’s book…the thought of passion versus curiosity.
I had to seriously check myself on this one! I have been using the word passion as a cop out. I’ll say to people, "Oh, I just didn’t feel passionate about that.” and you know what, it stops them from asking any more questions. It somehow turns whatever I was saying into a noble decision made from the heart. Sure sometimes that may be true, but a lot of
I’ve also had a hard time in playing the game of, "You must only have one passion and it must consume you whole heartedly."
Ya, I’m just not that kind of person. Not saying anything against those that are, it's just not me. I have strong passion at times and then other times it's like it up and went on a walk - about in the middle of God knows where!
I love how Gilbert said be curious and follow the things you are interested in while being completely open to the fact it may lead to passion, it may not. Don’t be afraid of interesting. Heaven forbid you widen your horizons and gosh, you might find something else you love. I really took hold of this thought because I can’t stand to only do one thing.
I have to try other things even if its just for a season or a day! 
Your work is not a human life that causes the earth to fall off its axis. It's OK if your passion goes on a walk about....just be curious about other things while it's gone.
Embrace the interesting.
And for goodness sake, lighten up and take joy in what you do.