Pathways: On the Narrow Side

You don’t have to think every thought that comes into your brain….what?!? Crazy, mind blown!

A pretty awesome lady of God, Joyce Myer phased this simple yet poignant statement. The reality of this world is quite hectic, daily bombarding our bubble with stuff, more often than not negative stuff. However, creating positive pathways trains our brain to seek out and be aware of more positivity.

The brain seeks coherence and unity in thought. Its how it makes sense of the world and keeps you from spinning like a perpetual top. So when we have programed our brain to see negative we are deepening that pathway. Think of a cow trail, the first time a cow finds a better way to water it might be difficult because there is no trail, but repeated use turn that single track into a highway of sorts. Over time I bet that cow barely has to think about finding a trail but unconsciously follows whats there. Stop and think about this for a second. If we are allowing others to dictate our emotional state we are unconsciously following trails they have created leading to a destination we do not desire.

I am responsible for me, another great reminder from Joyce Myer. We have all experienced waking up in a good mood but to have it “ruined” by another individuals emotional state. Or this silly scenario... getting mad at other peoples joy when you just want them to be grumpy with us. Isn’t that crazy! Just the other morning I was feeling this and had to realize my choice to think positively. Simply speaking positive aspects of my life out loud helped me wrangler in my mood and turn the preverbal frown upside down. In the past I have used “being overly conscious” of peoples emotions as a crutch and excuse. I have thought, “Oh I am just such a feeler that I need to feel that person's emotions and put them above my own”, no ma’am not a good idea! I can love others and feel for them without letting their path dictate my steps.

I believe that Christ came, died, and rose again because we are a broken world that needs saving. And because we are born into sin we have pre-paved pathways of negativity. This could just be my opinion but I believe that the devil wants us to be in constant angst and negativity; whereas God is a God of light, joy, and triumph. So choosing to be positive is choosing the narrow path, which God tells us will be hard. Negativity and blame come natural but the conscious effort to be responsible for my own joy is difficult. With time and a whole lot of Jesus we can see more and more positivity in the world. 

My challenge or call to action for you this week is to get your walking shoes strapped on and have a clear direction in mind, irregardless is a path is present. For me, I am going to try and visualize success in my shop before I even light the torch to solder or pick up that graver. Maybe for you its not giving in to the gossip while sipping coffee or during a dinner date smiling instead of bringing up past wrongs.

I’ll leave you with this, “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past” Isaiah 43:18. Have a great week and create your own paths!