Don't Let a Grand Canyon Form

Stay with me for just a bit and the title will make a lot more sense. I am pulling all the metaphors for this one!! 

Think of negative pathways forming a Grand Canyon in your brain. Water is a powerful force creating huge chasms in short time. Like a flash flood, negative emotions and thoughts can completely take control of your brain. If you are standing in the bottom of the Grand Canyon its pretty hard to see out of, right? In fact it kinda becomes the only thing you can see, just an ongoing trench surrounded and overwhelmed by high walls. Thats exactly how negativity is! It becomes the only thing we can focus on and it is dang hard to climb out of. 

However, positivity can create a floodplain in your brain. Floodplains are created by the breaking down of the river banks and eventually spilling over and flooding adjacent land. This water than flows over and saturates the land. And this is how positivity is! It can chip away at our negative chasms and eventually flood our entire lives.

Also when we are in the canyon we probably don’t even consider all the other canyons surrounding us that people have created in their own brains. I bet they would like to hear about the floodplain and how they could just get out of that darn canyon! 

So let positivity seep. Let it seep into your inner talk and love for yourself. Let it seep into your relationships with your family. Let it seep into your romantic relationships. Negativity can control your brain, IF YOU LET IT! It can become a Grand Canyon, IF YOU LET IT! But Christ gave us the choice and I think God views the glass as not half full but perpetually overflowing!