Create a Positive Floodplain: Law of Attraction

Bills piling up, things you want nagging at your mind and all you can think is ,"man I wish I had more money", "I want more"! If I just had more I would be happy. What seems to happen though is the more the focus is on the WANT the more you WANT.

Ahh, the Law of Attraction at work. A few weeks ago I was listening to a podcast, The Lively Show with Jess Lively, and she was talking about the Law of Attraction. It caught my attention. At first it seemed a little too “voodoo magic” for my taste but she led into an interesting way of thinking. A lot of people when they think about the Law of Attraction they picture money, relationships, stuff just magically floating in and they associate the feeling of joy with the acquisition of said items. The way that Jess presented it made a lot more sense to me. In short, want leads to more want.

Being a “baby” business owner and really learning things as I go can be tough financially, at times, and I have caught my self in the "discontentment trap" focusing on all I don't have. I am not saying that you should never work towards something you desire, rather I am saying that the feelings that you are associating with the acquisition aspect can be felt in the present moment. If I step back and say man, I have food to eat, a house to sleep in, clothes, gorgeous location etc.  Holy Cow, I have so much and can feel pure joy without it hinging on more STUFF. Maybe this was just a reality check for myself, but I think it was a necessary one. 

Focusing on all you have and contentment can be a challenge and must be practiced daily. I used to really dislike that word “contentment” because I interpreted it as never having more or just settling. I don’t see it that way anymore. Contentment is the realization of how blessed you are and being happy with what you come upon as it comes, but not hinging your joy on the getting aspect. 

I would challenge you to try this...first begin with woking on your own mind. Write out three things you are grateful for in the morning and three amazing things that happened that day at night. Bonus, if you want to infuse your relationships with positivity, instead of flooding the other person with negative things that happened simply ask, "what one great thing happened today?". It really has helped my emotional steadiness and I hope you would find the same! 

Over the next few weeks I am going to talk more about positive thought patterns, why its important, and what the heck I mean about a positive floodplain so stay tuned. And smile, you are so loved! 

Thanks for reading, leave a comment with your thoughts!