Always Learning

Adopt the mindset that you are always learning; and may I suggest adopt it early. Holding the view that “I am always learning” is far removed from the view that I will never be an expert at something. It instead replaces possible haughtiness with humble success. We are not the end all to a process, people are thinking of new ways to accomplish the same goal all the time! 

Learn from both those just staring out and industry leaders. People who may just be starting out in a trade will pose questions about foundational aspects of which you could stand to revisit. This “revisiting” could unlock a new way of accomplishing that goal in a more efficient timeframe. Do not get so far advanced that you become unwilling to help those around you. Be humble. Be relatable.

Figure out how you learn best- whether that be in a group, individually, or by yourself. Once your ideal learning environment is found you can focus on finding classes that meet those parameters, maximizing your learning. For instance, if your not someone who gathers any excitement from groups or networking a large seminar will probably stress you out more than it will help! For myself,  I love being around people but I am an introvert. I gain energy when there is quiet and I can think. A happy medium is what I strive to find.

Lastly don’t feel pressured to learn from those that everyone says you have to! If the person who is recommended by many people just doesn’t inspire you or create things that speak to you, don’t feel pressure to make them a teacher. I have been around some extremely talented people who are highly respected in this industry and while their work is gorgeous and their creative process works for them, I personally am just not drawn to it. So learn from those YOU love and don’t worry about it! 

I challenge you to pick one way you can invest in your learning and commit to it this year. I will be taking a class this July focusing on fabrication and layout skills, two things I DEFINITELY need to learn more about! 

“I’m not where I want to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be”~Joyce Meyer

Till next time, stay positive!