Sleep...its about more than just your pillow!

I don’t think the “simple” things in life are talked about enough. The simple things like sleep, water, exercise, and nutrition! These things are the building blocks to our wellbeing and significantly influence every aspect of our day, so why are they treated with such little weight?  

Health is an all encompassing choice, it is not solely dependent on whether you had a kale salad for lunch. With proper sleep, you are more apt to make healthier food choices, actually lace up your shoes and go for that run which causes you to feel so good about yourself that you walk into the shop with confidence and positive vibes. This week we are going to chat a little about sleep, my favorite! Ask anyone Nevada is a pro at sleep!

I understand that some people (my father and brother for example) can thrive off of little sleep, but they aren’t the vast majority! Most of us “humans” need sleep and lots of it. I know you are all smart and have heard this a thousand times, so get some dang sleep people! However, sleep is not a lightswitch action. You don’t just say, "ok brain stop thinking of the thousands of things to do and go to bed…now”, thats not reality. So to achieve the sleep your body needs you need to look at the routines set up around bed time. Little kiddos are walked through a routine that gets them ready for bed that shockingly, includes comforting things like a bath and reading an actual book! Madness! Seriously though take a look at your hour before bedtime, what activities are you rushing through, which are you savoring? 

My night routine doesn’t always look exactly like this but I can tell the difference in my mind and body when it does. I begin signaling to my brain that is is time to wind down with some candles and lowering the lights. If you want to learn more about why these things are so important check out The Little Book of Hygge, Danish Secrets to Happy Living. A healthy snack like greek yogurt (plain) with some fruit and nut butter tides me over so my body has something to munch on while I sleep. A warm cup of  tea and reading are also a must! I try my best to not look at my phone for at least an hour before bed. The light it gives off impairs your bodies ability to produce serotonin and if your looking at social media you will usually start thinking about things that don’t concern you. Then bedtime with a smile and a prayer. 

So I challenge you this week to put down the phone, tablet, etc at least an hour before bed and just take note of how you feel. If you hate it let me know, and if you find you’re actually relaxed and content in your present moment, let me know!